About Dave Malone

I was born and raised in the greater Sacramento area of California. On Labor Day 2018 my wife, nephew (who we raised) and I moved to Nashville to start a new journey. Shortly after that my brother Jerry followed then in January 2021 our other nephew moved here and became a Nashville firefighter. I owned a commercial and retail floor covering company with 3 locations and made the Sacramento Business Journal’s fastest growing company business journal. I sold the business then bought a bar which was I put for sale almost as fast as I bought. I didn’t enjoy babysitting adults.

I have done several marathons supporting the leukemia lymphoma society which is close to my heart as my dad passed away from leukemia when I was 12. My longest run to date was the American River 50 miler. I have also done a few ½ Ironman triathlons.  My wife and I love traveling particularly on a beach. We got married in Cabo on the beach. I enjoy watching football, hockey, and motocross. I love summers and being on the water. Wakeboarding, boating, and jet skis. Top the list.

I have been involved in real estate my entire life, my grandparents owned land that they would lease to farmers and commercial buildings they rented out. My parents and their friends had several rentals. I purchased my 1st house when I was 21 and since have built a small rental portfolio along with flipping a couple of houses per year. I am passionate about real estate which is why I decided to get into the mortgage industry. I love helping others,,,,, How Can I Help You?

Dave Malone
Mortgage Loan Originator